January 26, 2008

Not so fun statistics

1 in 32 children in Washington State have a parent in jail/prison.

1 in 3 - The chance that a red lipstick tested by a Washington advocacy group last fall contained dangerous levels of lead.

Of the nearly 2,938 questions asked of the presidential candidates by the top five TV political reporters to date, only four mentioned global warming. Number of questions asked about UFOs - three.

Car Mileage: 1908 Ford Model T - 25 MPG. 2004 EPA Average of All Cars - 21 MPG.

Percentage of New Jersey residents who say they would like to move out of state - 49%

The number of text messages sent and received each day exceeds the population of the planet.

Today's 21 year olds have watched 20,000 hours of TV and played 10,000 hours of video games.

Number of Americans that will be overweight in the year 2015 - 75%

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