January 28, 2008

From the WTF department

I went to the marathon movie with our friend Tami on Thursday night. Friday night she was out with a co-worker at an event for work. She went home a bit early complaining of some stomach pain. It got much worse during the night and she went to the hospital.

The initial diagnosis was the flu. When they did a MRI, they found she had a folded bowel. They scheduled her for surgery to try to correct it laparoscopically. This wasn't working, so they went in surgically. What they found was a carcinoid tumor on the outside of the bowel which had caused the folding.

It is just crazy. She goes home early with a stomachache and wakes up having a cancerous tumor and her appendix taken out.

From what she knows so far, it was a very slow growing tumor, and though it had spread to her lymph nodes, they believe they got it all. It doesn't look like she will need to go through chemo or radiation. She will find out what her next step is from the doctors in the next few days. For now it is just recovery from the surgery. We visited her again today and she is already doing laps around her hospital floor.

We've been planning a relay run for this summer, and in the last month or so both co-captions have found out they had cancer. Very freaky coincidence. I am hoping that their fitness level will help speed their recovery and that they of course remain cancer free.

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