January 13, 2008

Gerry's memorial

Gerry's memorial was yesterday. It was a very nice celebration of his life. The pastor estimated that there were 300 people in attendance. I'm sure there was probably another 300 that wished they could have been there. Many friends and family wrote some wonderful stories sharing moments of his life. There was also a video presentation with some great pictures. Afterwards there was a reception where we shared more stories and met with the family.

About 30 of us met ahead of time to do a quick bike ride before the memorial. We met at the gym where Gerry took his spinning classes, rode to his home, and then took the long way back. There were riders from his Big Rides as well as friends from Whidbey Island. Several more people who couldn't attend the ride wore their jerseys to the memorial. There are plans for a longer ride in his honor sometime in the spring.

One of the stories at the memorial (I think it was Michelle's) made a nice comparison of Gerry's riding style and his life. Gerry was never the first into camp at the end of the day. He was certainly a strong enough rider, he just wasn't in a hurry. He'd take his time enjoying the sights and the day, making several stops along the way - especially if there was an ice cream shop. For Gerry it was never about the destination, it was about the journey. No need to rush through it.

Like Gerry we should relish every moment.

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Anonymous said...

A great lesson he left. Sounds like a nice service.