January 11, 2008

"My job is so small town"

WE'VE MOVED! OK we haven't moved, but my office did. We have moved from south Everett to downtown Edmonds. It is a much better location.

Edmonds has a great little downtown. There are some cool shops and restaurants. Someone mentioned that Edmonds has a ban on chain stores, so the shops are unique. It has nice small town feel.

Our broker went out looking for a new coffee maker, and ended up in a tea shop. He met the owners and chatted about our company, our move and how excited we were to be in Edmonds. He ended up buying some great teas, an electric teapot and a silver decanter. All in all around $160. They didn't take Amex, so they let him take everything with him, trusting that he would be back with a check. Love it. When I ran the check up a couple hours later and mentioned how cool their trust was, they said "Oh that's just Edmonds".

I was reminded of a trip to the bookstore across the street a year ago. I was Christmas shopping for my Mom, and spied a book she might be interested in. I didn't pick it up at that point though. I came back a week later, but they had rearranged the shelves. I couldn't remember the title or author, just the shelf it was on. Feeling like a fool, I asked the kind lady for some help. All I had was "it had a blue cover and I think a picture of the Earth on it". She knew just what I was talking about and walked right to the book. Try that at Barnes and Noble.

I'm going to enjoy our new digs, checking out the shops, meeting new people, and walking everywhere.


Anonymous said...

I love that!

Jenn said...

You've gotta love Edmonds! And the new location is great!! (just need those West facing windows installed)
Hey, hun...how's about you make nice with the wine shop owners next? Hunh? ;)