September 4, 2010

Game day

The promise of a new season.

The first University of Washington football game is today. It is half time, and the score is UW 17, BYU 13. The last few seasons, the Huskies have been pretty dismal, bottoming out in 2008 by going 0-12. Last year with a new coach, they improved dramatically to 5-7. Our Heisman candidate quarterback is returning, and the buzz is that we may go to our first bowl game in eight (?) years. Of course pre-season hype does not equal success during the season (as the Mariners are painfully aware).

I went to UW for two years, and had student tickets for the football season for three years. This was back when the Huskies were at their peak. One of those years the Dawgs went undefeated and shared the national title with Miami (before #1 and #2 played each other at the end of the season). Husky stadium is one of the loudest stadiums to play in, and especially during those years, opposing teams had difficulty even calling plays. Our defense was so impressive, it was not unusual to look up at the scoreboard and see negative numbers for the other team's rushing yards. We were on our feet for almost the entire game. 

Three years in a row, my brother, I and various friends made the road trip down to Pasadena to see the Huskies play in the Rose Bowl. I am not one of those guys that is obsessed with sports, able to quote stats past and present, but I do love to watch Husky football come game day. 

Today, I am huddled around my computer to listen to the game online. Not the same, but GO DAWGS!


Aw, crap - Huskies lose 23 - 17.

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