September 1, 2009

Back on the street

My contract job finished up yesterday. It wasn't the most exciting job, but it had the most important parts - a check every Friday, weekends off and no heavy lifting. It was a good experience and I had slim hopes of an offer at the end of the contract. The underwriters are still a couple of months behind, so I was hoping they would bump a few of us up the food chain. My boss later told me she suggested this very thing, but was turned down. Worth a shot.

My updated resume is back in the bin at the staffing agency, but like anywhere else there are more resumes than jobs. I get e-mails every morning from the local paper and with jobs that vaguely match my abilities. Most of the jobs are at hospitals, and have requirements of prior experience. As the population ages, this might be the industry to get into.

One job title jumped out at me the other day - "Process Improvement Analyst" for Not exactly a dream title like "Bicycle Tester" or "Bourbon Taster", but it sounded like one I would be perfect for. I am all about figuring out a better way of doing things. I like to think it is my mission in life to reduce waste of every kind - money, time, resources, etc. When I was on the accountant track, I wanted to become a consultant who visited companies to help improve the way they did business. Not like the Bobs, though.

Turns out the Amazon job an IT position with a list of requirements a mile long, so I'm not the kind of geek they're looking for.

Tomorrow a visit to the dentist and the results show for the GERD testing. Hopefully both will be painless.


matt said...

Sorry to hear about that, man. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Holly Linden said...

Always. What he said. Love you!!