September 18, 2009

A few good dogs

Since my job ended at the beginning of the month, I've been home much more than normal. I've been using the time to work on the house, and spending some quality time with the pooch.

She is moving a little slower these days, dealing with some knee issues and the pains of getting older. But on the inside she's still the happy, tail-wagging lab she has always been. She always brings a smile to my face, and I try to return the favor by giving her the attention of time spent and regular fur scrubs. Dogs are a pretty special part of this life, and ours is one of the best.

Here are a few great dog stories and videos I've seen over the last few weeks. The first two are courtesy of Quixotic Soul, and the last one is so it doesn't get too mushy around here.

Meredith and Abby

Better than dogs playing poker


Me said...

Thank you...

Don't you just want to grab their jowls! They are so yummy!

Holly Linden said...

1 - So sweet...really good & true.

2 - AWESOME!... and hilarious.