September 28, 2009

Think Global, Run Local

I need something. Something to shoot for, something to keep me moving. I have signed up for the Worldwide Festival of Races Half Marathon.
On the weekend of 10-11 October 2009 runners from around the world will 'virtually' come together to celebrate their passion for the sport they love by running The Worldwide Festival of Races Half Marathon, 10K and 5K distances.

This race is a free, non-commercial event for runners of all abilities, where everyone is invited to register, train and run with us in the spirit of friendship. The only requirement is that you sign-up to run an official road race or a route of your choosing on the weekend of 10-11 October 2009, and report the results on this website. Participation in the race will also include a 'virtual' race bib, goody bag and completion certificate as well as a community forum and final results listing. As you participate, you will feel that you are part of a festival of friends all over the globe, who will support you, encourage you, and are sharing this experience with you as you run your event locally.
This is the fourth year of the virtual race. It is promoted by several blogs and podcasts, but especially by Steve Runner (Walker) over at Phedippidations.  Nike ripped off the idea last year and made it commercial, but this run-net community carries on at a smaller, more intimate scale. As of this evening, there are 841 entrants in 40 countries. Phedippidations will be publishing a podcast with shout outs where participants can cheer each other on. It will be posted a couple days before the race so runners take it along with them as they run their individual, but worldwide race.

I will be running my own individual, non-official (free) route. I am not ready for a half marathon, but I'm going to run one anyway.  My friend Sean will be running the Long Beach Marathon on Sunday the 11th. He will be running in sight of the Pacific Ocean, starting around 7:00am.  I am planning on running my half marathon at the same time. I may start at the same time, or try to do the math so we finish around the same time. And I need to figure out a route so I'm running along the ocean as well. Either way, I will be running with the at least 841 worldwide runners, as well as my friend in California.

Think global, run local.


tami said...

Best of luck, sounds fun!

SeanH said...

I'll be there, brother. Looking forward to it.