July 26, 2009


It has been a hot summer already, and the temps will be in the 90's next week. We've set some sort of record for the lowest rainfall in the last two months. This, plus a combination of apathy and desire to save water, the lawn has turned a brittle yellow-brown color. It is starting to look like the plains of eastern Washington.

Yet somehow, other plants are thriving. Spotted throughout the yard, dandelions have made their return. And the planting area I cleared a couple months ago...

I did water the back lawn a few times, but this area was completely dependent on the scant rainfall. I had dug up the area and sifted through the soil to pick out any plant life I could find, and still the plants thrive. I know so very little about plants, but these don't seem like weeds. I think the shorter ones might be potato plants, but I have no idea what these tall ones are.

Whether desirable plant or annoying weed, it seems only those with deep roots survive the tough times.

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