July 2, 2009

...and thank you for your support

It is amazing the boost you get with someone in your corner cheering you on. A little time lapse...

This is a quarter mile from the finish when I heard my running friends cheering me on. Seconds earlier I was suffering.

This is about a minute later when I saw and heard my wife.

And this is just a few steps later when all I heard were the voices in my head.

I was so far gone I didn't even notice my friends had run across the parking lot to cheer me to the finish.

And of course there were hundreds of volunteers out on the course setting things up, stopping traffic, handing out fluids, and pointing us in the right direction. Folks who show up for no other reason but to help strangers achieve their goals.

Behind every successful man, there is not only a woman, but hundreds of people you never meet. Running can feel like a solo adventure, but I am well aware that I couldn't to it alone. It is not enough, but thank you.


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I'm glad we were able to give you a boost when you needed it. Great job! We are so proud of you! Now what's next? Boston?