June 10, 2009

Yeah, we're not going to need you to come in this weekend

So one of the things I might have been 'losing' last week was my new job. As I mentioned, I was still working at my last job (though not that third job - sanity asserted itself). My resume stated that I was still working there, and I had also mentioned it to my recruiter before I started. When I read the company policy on other jobs a week or two ago, it looked like they considered this a conflict of interest. Though I didn't think it really was a conflict, I brought it to the attention of my supervisor.

We detailed the situation and submitted a request for an exception. The answer came down on Thursday. At 11:00am I was having birthday cake, at 3:00 I was being walked out of the building. It was handled professionally, but it still didn't feel too good. The price of honesty.

The options were to give up the new job or the old job. I was given the weekend to think about it. After looking into the ramifications of each, I decided to stick with the new one. It took a couple days to work out the details, so today was my first day back. I don't have my employee card back yet, so I'm back to the dorky "Hi my name is" visitor sticker for a day or two. Fortunately they didn't clear out my desk or computer while I was gone, so things were back to relatively normal today.

And as a welcome back, there was a message in my inbox letting me know that Casual Friday had been extended to every day this summer. It was a very Office Space moment.

It's the little things.

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matt said...

Ugggh . . . I am pounding my head on the desk in my cubicle as I type this . . . .