June 3, 2009

Running in a skirt

This past Sunday our running group participated in The Great Kilted 5k. As most of you know, I was married in a kilt, so this seemed like an event for me.

The 5k took place at Magnuson Park in Seattle. There are several 5k events that take advantage of the park, though each route is a little different. And of course the wearin' o' the kilt made this one a little unique. You were encouraged, though not required to wear a kilt. You could rent one for $5, but a few had their own, and even more created something to run in. As you can see from a few of our runners, the term 'kilt' was interpreted loosely.

And hula skirts and crazy tights weren't enough. There was also some hair painting. My arm was twisted, and when they asked what color I wanted, I said "stripes".

It turned out to be a hot one on Sunday, so the heat ate into our finishing times. but it made that beer garden even sweeter. This was actually the first official event for most of our running group, so it we spent a little extra time enjoying the spoils of victory in the morning sun.

More photos can be found here and here.

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MADkat said...

DEFINITELY NOT the way I'd celebrate my birthday, but whatever floats your boat! I remember your "kilt wedding"! That was darn funny! Hope you have recovered from running great distances in a dress and are having a great birthday today!