June 8, 2009

Losing it

Losing my mind and a few other things this week.

I dashed into QFC a few days ago to grab something on the way to a party. Since I had only one item, I went through the line with the self-checkout machines. I asked for $20 cash back, then promptly forgot to grab it. The next person in line got a much better surprise than finding a quarter in a pay phone.

Yesterday I was out on a 14 mile run. On longer runs I bring along my Amphipod hydration belt to carry fluids, fuel and tunes. It was another warm day, so by the time I was done, I was pretty thirsty. When I reached for a drink, one of the bottles wasn't there. I guess I hadn't clicked it back in all the way the last time I stopped for a drink. I had the tunes cranked up a little high so I didn't hear it bouncing off the sidewalk.

As I walked toward my front door looking forward to an ice-cold drink, I reached into the belt's pouch to grab my key only to find that I had lost it too. Apparently it fell out when I grabbed a gel or pulled out the iPod shuffle. My wife was out of town, so I was locked out. I still haven't trained the pooch to turn a deadbolt or open the slider. She did do a fine job of barking as I tried to break into my own house.

I made an attempt to squeeze through the dog door, but it turns out my massively broad shoulders wouldn't fit through. The only window vent that was open was not much bigger. I wasn't up for running the route again in search of the key, so fortunately a friend has a copy of our house key. He was home so I was spared busting a window.

Then there's the job...but the jury is still out on that one.

I had actually dropped a key on a run once before. Tami and I were running around Greenlake, and on our second lap I happened to look down and saw a car key. Huh, that key looks just like mine, (pats pockets), wait, that is my key! I'll run yesterday's route sometime this week, but I can only expect so much dumb luck.

After I made it into the house yesterday, I drove the route and found the water bottle. I also went back to QFC on the off chance that someone turned in the cash. The person at the help desk checked the safe and even called the bookkeeper. Of course, since it was in the self-checkout aisle, there wasn't going to be a overage on anyone's register. Then the bookkeeper asked how much money I was talking about. The lady at the help desk told her $20, hung up the phone, and just gave me a twenty out of her till. A really nice gesture, especially since it was my my mistake not theirs.


Amy said...

Wow - you are losing it! Next time you get locked out, call me and we can send one of the kiddos through the doggy door....and aren't you glad you went back to QFC and checked?

Holly Linden said...

How cool that all the niceness came back to you! I can certainly relate to all the "I've lost my mind!" mishaps. Par for the course here. But really great that you found what you had lost and got hope in humanity recharged to boot!

tami said...

I was totally thinking about the Greenlake 'key' run when I was reading this. I know what I'm getting you for your next birthday. :-) Dude, you are starting to sound like me.....maybe it's the... forty.....tw.....no, I won't finish the thought.