June 23, 2009

These online network thingys...

can be cool sometimes.

I had a friend who I hadn't seen in about 12 years track me down the other day. We worked together during my brief accounting career. It turns out we both work downtown, so we met for lunch today. We caught up on careers, marriages, kids, folks from the old office, etc. It was great seeing him, and it is amazing to think how much time has past since we've seen each other.

Another friend tracked down a half brother he only suspected existed by searching Facebook. After some brief e-mails, they met for the first time over coffee this afternoon. I am anxious to hear how it went.

I check Facebook about once a week these days. Some friends rarely post while others have embraced the online community. There are games, quizzes and silly things to pass back and forth, and I just don't have (or make) the time to get into it. In fact I opened my Facebook page a couple years ago, and promptly forgot about it. It took another co-worker searching me out to actually fill out a profile. Like anything else on the internet (or in life), there are things of interest and there are distractions. It is a nice surprise when a distraction produces a gem.

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