May 7, 2009

Scrubs finale

A fond farewell.


Book of rants (today is a five).

Hugh Jackman.

You were Bambi - somebody had to teach you how to walk.

Did you stick a penny in there?

Perry's final honesty.

You smell like a father figure.

Once you learn that information, you can't unlearn it. This way the future is still mine.

The janitor's name?

Colin Hay.

Boing fwip!

Did you ever go on that picnic?

Happily ever after.

Who can tell me my fantasies don't come true. Just this once.

Goodbye J.D.


SeanH said...

Man, I wish I had caught that.

Holly Linden said...

eeeyeah. I got nothin'. I'm pretty sure it was awesome.