May 2, 2009

Cheap entertainment

One of the money saving habits I have started is heading to the library instead of the bookstore. As soon as we decide on the choices for book club, I log on to put a hold on the books. I am not alone in this as libraries have been reporting significant upticks in the number of people walking through their doors. This is also apparent in the number of people ahead of me in the hold line.

I was listening to NPR yesterday and they were interviewing someone from the Seattle Library. He was talking about some slightly obscure movies he had requisitioned. I'm not sure why I hadn't thought about this before, but the library has a bunch of movies available for checkout. Not that I spend a lot of money at Blockbuster, but the amount will be pretty much zero going forward. I have holds on five movies so far.

I need to stick to the more obscure movies, though. I am 199th in line to see Wall-E.


matt said...

All I am saying is "Seinfeld" and "bathroom book" nope . . . . no library books for me . . . of course I have given up on going to movies and airplanes give me the creeps . . . germs! (I have issues)

Amy said...

I have been using this money saving tool for some time now. You just have to learn not to be disappointed when mid-movie you get glitches & frozen screens. The dvd quality is not Blockbuster caliber, especially childrens movies. Go figure.

Holly Linden said...

Pops is definitely crazy. The library is awesome. Makes me miss the Greenlake one. I used to sample music that way too.