May 18, 2009

run fatboy, run

So I'm about 2/3 of the way through my 16 week marathon training program. This past weekend's run was 16 miles, which is nothing compared to what this guy did last weekend.

My run went reasonably well. It was kinda warm and I didn't bring enough electrolyte-dosed fluids. My face was covered with salt and as soon as I stopped the muscles in my calves tightened up like twisted rope. I hobbled home and eased into a cool bath which is supposed to squeeze some of the toxins out. It is a painful bit of medicine.

Looking back to this time last year I'm about :30 faster per mile at this distance. I am also about 10 pounds lighter. I saw this chart today, and it looks like I am reaping the promised rewards.

I'm still far from having a runner's physique. I probably need to drop another 10 pounds to get out of the overweight bracket on the BMI scale, but at least I'm no longer pushing obese.

One of the movies I picked up at the library was run fatboy, run. In the weeks leading up to a marathon, I'm always on the lookout for a running/inspirational movie. It was about Dennis who runs out on his pregnant bride at the alter. Five years later he impulsively decides to run a marathon to compete with the new boyfriend in her life. He initially hopes to win her back, but settles for regaining a little self-respect by finally finishing something.

It was pretty good, veering close to formula before turning away just enough. Certainly worth a rental, or the $0 I paid for it. And it turns out the main character also plays Scotty in the new Star Trek, which I saw the next day.

And Star Trek was great. Two split fingers up!

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'"Face covered with salt... calves tightened like twisted rope..." -Why do we do this?