May 16, 2009

Nice job Lassie!

Seattle leads the nation in per-capita sunglasses sales. It is the same reason that Los Angeles leads in sales of umbrellas. The sun it out so infrequently, when it does shine, people have trouble locating their shades and run to the store to buy another pair.

I lost my sunglasses last weekend. We were over at a friends house, and I remember walking in with them, but didn't have them the next day. There was wine involved.

I've mentioned before that our dog likes to drag things around the house while we are gone. I came home to this yesterday:

Shoes and clothes are the usual things that we find in the hallway, but the top item is a wine bottle carrier that a friend gave us last Christmas. This was a new one for the pooch. Even before I picked it up, it clicked in my head - my sunglasses were in there. When we left our friends last weekend, I must have dropped them in there on the way out the door. The pooch must have sensed I was looking for them. She's that smart.

Nice job Lassie! Extra kibble for you tonight.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight . . . Seattle dawg finds drunk owner's sunglasses? That's that's dumbes . . . HEY BUCKLEY PUT THAT UMBRELLA DOWN! LEAVE IT!

tami said...

and I thought Scott took them as his own and wouldn't fess up........

Holly Linden said...

Hilarious. Who's this anonymous character? No let ME get this straight, The missing sunglasses are in the WINE carrier...Sierra IS that smart. SHE put em' in there as a message. TOO MUCH WINE DADDY! Here's your fargin' shades! I love it.