January 14, 2009

Technology hits and misses

I missed the Scrubs episodes this week because channel 4 locked up yesterday. The picture just stopped on a random scene from earlier in the day. Every other channel was working fine, but channel 4 was locked. I blame the digital feed or some flux capacitor malfunction, but who knows what the problem was. Many of the other non-local channels like Discovery, Comedy Central, etc haven't had sound for a few days as well, so the fabulous fiber optic cable has been letting us down.

On the plus side, you can get the full episodes online at abc.com. So technology saves the day in the end. And thanks to ABC for picking Scrubs up after NBC canceled them last season.


SeanH said...

Had the same cable problem at my place, ("House" would just freeze up) and it turned out to be a simple fix: cable guy came and unhooked every unused cable line, and then replaced all the three-ways and connectors with higher grade ones, available at home depot. Try it!

Anonymous said...

We've been having trouble too, but we have satellite. They re-ran the Scrubs episodes again on Thursday - did you catch 'em?