January 4, 2009


What a year for a new year.

Not much in 2008 went as planned, and it is good to have it in the rear-view mirror. There was joy among the trials, but all in all it was a tough year. I have been working on the Year-in-Review DVD for the past few days, and it is always a great exercise looking back. There is one DVD for the running and biking events that we watch with our group, as well as one that highlights our own year.

We had our viewing party last night for our running and biking group. There were lots of fun events last year, capped off by the Ragnar Relay in August. Both Wendy and I made a DVD again for 2008, and it is always interesting to see someone else's creativity using the same material. Cherie also made calendars for each of us with pictures from our past year and important dates for 2009.

Our own DVD had another set of highlights as well. We were able to get away on a few trips, there was a wedding in February, and five new babies in our circle of friends with three to first-time parents. And of course there was Annabelle. She was the center of an amazing circle of love and support. It was a wonderful experience to see this community come together and to be a part of it. Both my wife and I are better for having Annabelle, her parents and their circle in our lives.

Many challenges await us in the New Year, both personally and for our community and country. The surmounting of hardships in 2008 gives me hope we can handle what comes in 2009 with the support of friends and family.

It is snowing now, and there is four inches of white covering the world. Tonight the world is clean and quiet. Tomorrow we begin anew.


matt said...

Nice one. Thanks for all that you and your family did for us this past year. "We'll settle for 'fine' in 2009!"


Anonymous said...