January 9, 2009

Packing things up

The holidays are over. Or are they.

I spent yesterday and today taking down the Christmas tree, packing away all the decorations, and unstringing the lights. It was overdue, but I had been getting home pretty late from work lately and just didn't have the energy. My regular job is picking up a bit as well, so I have been doing some juggling to fit it all in.

The tree was becoming a fire hazard, so it is good to get it out of here. There is a Christmas tree recycling station at a nearby school tomorrow so that will save me the trouble of chopping it up. There are an awful lot of pine needles to sweep up though. So many needles.

I am still working with UPS. The job was supposed to end on Christmas Eve, but the week plus of snow put them far enough behind to keep us until New Year's Eve. Then it was extended again through this week when they still weren't caught up. Now with the flooding and avalanches this week, trucks carrying packages up I-5 and over the mountain passes were stuck for days, creating a whole new backlog. It sounds like I will be working this coming week as well.

I think all the Christmas packages are finally delivered, but don't quote me.

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