September 17, 2012

San Diego bucket list

Familiar and trite as it is, the phrase, "Don't know what you got, til it's gone" is still true. I have made that mistake before, and this time I am trying to appreciate what I have before it is too late.

Years ago, six of us did a tourist day in Seattle. Each one of us had lived in the area for at least a decade, yet there were still parts of the city that out-of-towners flocked to, but we had never seen. We all can fall into the trap, knowing that we can see something anytime we want, and since it is always there, we never get around to it. Here we live minutes from beaches people travel hours just to see, but how often do we dip our toes in the surf. Answer - not often enough.

So with a month or two left here in San Diego, I am trying to do some things I have put off. Appreciate this home of two and a half years before I head back north. So I thought I would make a list. Some are things I have intended to do, but put off, while some I have done before, but want to repeat while I have the chance. When I mentioned the list, friends started suggesting things to put on it. Things to do together, and maybe use the list to do things they have put off as well.

My hike up Cowles Mountain at sunrise was one near the top of the list. It was an awesome morning, and I am so glad I finally dragged my butt out of bed and made the hike. Cowles is still on the list, though, because I want to hike it again at sunset with Kristy. Another thing I have wanted to do is ride my bike down the Pacific Coast Highway from Oceanside to San Diego. The deadline/bucket list finally has me out on two wheels after I let my bike languish for too long.

I also want to take a long run with Sean. Overall, we have run seven marathons together, with three in just the last year or so. Though we have toed many start lines together, and chat repeatedly about running at work, we run and train almost entirely on our own. Last year though, we ran a twenty mile training run side by side, and I'd like to do it again. While there is nothing quite like race morning, the more relaxed, social run was a different kind of reward for all this running we do.

Not all the bucket list items are exercise related. I have also been taking advantage of Residents Free Tuesdays at the Balboa museums. As the name implies, San Diego residents get in free to certain museums each Tuesday. The free museums are different each Tuesday, so I have been doing my best to hit them all. Matt and Holly also put wine tasting in Julian on the bucket list, and I would like to complete the tour of the San Diego microbreweries that Sean and I have been working on. The Zoo, Balboa Park, Old Town...I need another sheet of paper.

There are a few things I didn't bother to write down. Things that I have actually been doing, but still want to get in as many times as I can. Things like running along Sunset Cliffs and Mission Bay, or heading over to Dog Beach with breakfast at Tower Two. Unfortunately, Sierra isn't really up for the walk or chaos of Dog Beach anymore, but I will be sure to take her to Fiesta Island where it is a short walk over harder packed sand. She needs to dip her paws in the ocean at least one more time.

Of course one of the most important things to do is spend as much time as possible with friends. I have always made it a priority to travel to see people, but you never know what the future holds. I want to be sure to make the most of it when they are just across town, instead of across state lines.

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Me said...

A man with a plan! Looking forward to reading about your events as you cross them off the list!