February 21, 2012

After reading my junk, go read this

There is just too much to read. I can't keep up with all the books, articles, and blogs. I stopped reading the daily paper to save a little money. I thought I would really miss it, and I do at times, but it turns out it was embarrassingly easy to let go. Other things rushed in to fill that quiet time I used to take in the morning to read a bit about the world.

There are some great blogs that have fallen off the radar as well. Some are for entertainment, but others I just love the writer's voice no matter what they write about. The 3six5 is one that I haven't been getting to regularly. Since it has a new author and new topic every day (including my post last March), you can't know what you will find. There are absolute gems in there, but at times it feels like I am sifting through too much river sand to find the nugget.

Just as every writer and story is going to be different, each reader is going to have a different story grab or resonate. I stopped by this morning and read through a week's worth of entries. I am glad I read through the first seven to get to this one by Katherine Ablan.

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