February 24, 2010

Learning the town on the run

After a couple of weeks of very little running, and too much fast food eaten on the road, I have gained both pounds and fat percentage points. It is tough to get back out on the road when you're feeling fat and out of shape, but the longer I wait, the harder it will be. I haven't done enough exploring of San Diego yet, but I have been checking out a few scenic places to bike and run to help entice me back into the exercise routine.

I have taken a couple of runs in Balboa Park, one by Mission Bay and another on the waterfront near Seaport Village. Balboa Park has a number of paths to run, complete with numbered signs to help you find your way. The east side of the park features a number of hills, and it punished my out of shape legs on Monday. It is a beautiful park, a 1200 acre oasis in the center of the city for tourists and locals alike. The Rock n Roll Marathon route starts and runs the first few miles through the park. Running there again brought back a few fond memories, and I've been seeing streets in town and thinking "hey, I ran down that".

On Friday I dusted off the bike that hadn't been ridden in months, and rode around the bay to Mission Beach. I rode along the boardwalk on Mission Beach, feeling a little out of place on my road bike since the beach cruiser is the bike of choice there. There were plenty of people along the path, and the speed limit is 8mph anyway, so it forces you to slow down and take in the world at cruising speed. I will eventually need to find some good bike routes to get in more speed and miles, but I need to make time to slowly cruise as well.

Seattle has a great bicycle club (Cascade) that not only sponsors events like the Seattle to Portland ride, but also has daily rides to help you learn new routes and meet other riders. I am hoping to find a similar club in San Diego. In the meantime, I will keep looking for routes that show off the great views of the city. Beautiful scenery makes the exercise go down easier.

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tami said...

I think you need to get yourself a cool beach cruiser! I noticed those when I was down there a couple of years ago. I was running along the same area and just smiled and thought "no way would you ever see that in Seattle".