February 26, 2010

Climate change

It has been raining more than normal down in San Diego, but their normal is certainly different from Seattle. In fact, the house didn't have rain gutters until last week, unthinkable in the rainy northwest. But this winter has been wet, and the area has had as much rain in January 2010 as in all of 2009.

I was running in Balboa Park last week and saw this tree that had fallen. The ground had become so wet that the tree came down, root ball and all. Below is my first video shot with the iPod Nano.

But even in a wetter year, rain is going to be much more unusual here. Here are a couple photos that capture the difference between running and riding in Seattle vs. San Diego. I went for a ride with Brian, Cherie and Jim a couple of days before I headed down. I snapped these photos on a very shaded switchback path in Issaquah.

And a couple of similar shots from my Seaport Village run this week.

Any questions?

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