January 6, 2010

Year in Review

Time once again to tally up the miles and reflect on how the last year of running and biking went.

I keep a paper training diary to track all the stats as well as aches, pains and impressions of the day. This year I have also started keeping an online log at Buckeye Outdoors. I remain a bit of a numbers geek, and you can get endless stats and reports to look at your year from lots of angles.

So the numbers from this year compared to past years:

2009 613 miles
2008 649 miles
2007 660 miles
2006 373 miles

2009 1245 miles
2008 878 miles
2007 1346 miles
2006 1748 miles

2009 .5 mile
2008 17 miles
2007 13 miles

So my running and biking miles were relatively typical, though there are probably an additional 250 miles run with UPS to add to the mix. I obviously gave up on swimming last year, but that will change in the new year. According to my Buckeye report, my average run pace was a 8:49 mile and the average distance was 6.4 miles. On the bike it was a 48 mile ride at 15.1 mph.

In the interest of saving money, there weren't as many events in 2009. I ran two marathons and one 5k, and rode in three bike events last year. I did set a few personal bests this year, though, so there was some quality if less quantity.

I am hoping to run a couple marathons in the new year, but would also like to focus on gaining some speed at the shorter distances. I would also like to get into triathlons in 2010, but we'll see how much I can afford to fit in.

What I'd really like to do is run, bike and swim for the simple enjoyment of it, without needing a finish line to shoot for. Just enjoying staying in shape and spending time outside. But I don't know that I will ever get rid of the geeky/number crunching side of my personality.

Oh, and calories burned in 2009 - 134,493. You'd think I'd be thinner.


Lauren Shakespeare said...

My fortitude for 0-10 is something I'm taking seriously as well.

Good luck with your adventures, it sounds like you already have a good start.

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amy said...

Way to go Sean!!

tami said...

good for you!