January 16, 2010

Digging out of a hole, trying not to snap

I went out for my second run of the new year yesterday. I haven't been running for pleasure since the Vegas Marathon in December, and not at all since Christmas Eve. I hurt the Achilles tendon/heel area of my right foot about three days before my delivery job ended. I suffered through the last few days of work, and it was painful just to walk on for another couple of weeks after that.

It finally felt better, so I ventured out on Monday for my first run. After a layoff of more than a month, I have a bit of a hole to climb out of. I need to get my base fitness back before I can start a new training program. Nothing snapped and I felt OK - other than feeling fat and out of shape. It doesn't take long, especially over the holidays.

I have some things up for sale again on Craigslist. Even though I sold/gave away/donated a bunch of stuff before I moved out of the house, I still have too much filling up a storage unit. I ended up keeping things that should have been sold already. Thing that are really tied to home ownership like lawn and garden tools. I don't anticipate having a yard for a while, and it doesn't make much sense to pay to store them. If I can get rid of enough stuff to reduce the size of my storage unit, it will be worth it.

I was waiting around yesterday for people to show up in response to my Craigslist ads. It worked out that the appointments were about an hour apart, so I was stuck at home for most of the day. I decided to do something mindless like cleaning out my e-mail inbox.

Being a packrat by nature, I don't do a good job of deleting e-mails as they come in. I keep things I may need to reference, as well as conversation threads that have some personal value, but there was also so much junk that I should never need again. It all added up to over 7,000 e-mails sitting in my inbox (and that doesn't include my msn/hotmail accounts).

So I started to make my way through four years of e-mails. I have only made it through 2 years worth but have deleted 3,000 so far. It was an interesting walk-through the past. The excited chatter building up to our first marathons, cancer diagnoses and cures, baby announcements, the tributes to my friend Gerry, and the day to day conversations that make up my history.

Then there was the random find like this video Amy sent me a few years ago. As I climb around my storage unit, feeling a little claustrophobic, I sometimes feel like snapping and throwing things. Fortunately there isn't video surveillance.


Lauren Shakespeare said...

that video made me pee a little.

matt said...

Yeah, I've done 1/2 of those things . . . .

amy said...

Still great the second time around!

I love the guy who is getting hit by paper airplanes and throws his computer at the sender and then returns to typing on his keyboard like nothing happened!

tami said...

Ya,I completely understand every last bit of this.