January 22, 2010

Roman Cavalry choirs are singing

As I mentioned in a previous post, music has the power to take you to a particular place. It can remind you of a person, a period in your life, or maybe a cinematic moment.

In the past I have made slide show DVDs to commemorate events like my bike ride around Glacier, or more recently our Year-in-Review productions. Throughout the year, I keep my ear open for a good song that either has a good background beat, or the lyrics somehow capture the moment.

I have hesitated to use some songs, though. Once used, they can sometimes be permanently linked to the video in my mind. There are some songs that I want to stand alone without visuals. I remember an old Bloom County cartoon where Opus was lamenting MTV. He had a favorite song that made him imagine a wonderful world of open fields. Then he saw the video for the song on MTV. Now all he could think of when he heard the song was exploding dolphins.

I woke to a song on the radio the other day. It was "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay. I had used the song as background in my 2008 running year-in-review video. But that wasn't the image that popped in my head as I groggily met the new day. What popped in my head was this post from last August.

Roman Cavalry choirs are singing

I haven't read this blog in months, but somehow that post and video stuck. Not a bad image for the song. Much better than exploding dolphins.

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tami said...

That video rocks! What a great little girl, she has music in her soul!