December 4, 2009

Standard excuse post

So I am running a marathon this weekend. Like almost every marathon before it, I have some lingering doubts. No matter how much you train, no matter how much you prepare, there is always this nagging voice inside your head. 26.2 miles is a long way, and you never know how the day will go. Even if your 20 mile training run went off with out a hitch, race day could be different. You could get sick, sleep could be elusive, breakfast could disagree with you, you could stub your toe, the weather could be crazy, your outfit might not match...there are hundreds of things that could go wrong.

The marathon I ran in June was the one I was best prepared for, and I ended up running my best time. This time around, and work got in the way. I haven't run a training run in two weeks and missed several others along the way. Instead of training, I have been running at work delivering packages. The best I can figure, I am running about 10 miles a day. Instead of tapering this week, I've put in more miles than ever before. So my training is questionable and I am pretty tired going in. never know. The training runs I did do, my pace was good. The running I've been doing at work could be considered speed work. But I'm frickin tired. I could crack 4 hours again, or I could implode and have to walk.

Thinking good thoughts.

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