August 7, 2009

Wait, what?

At time the job has felt like shoveling dirt out of a pile while dump trucks kept making the pile bigger. Or maybe like the classic "I Love Lucy" episode where Lucy and Ethel were working the production line at the chocolate factory. No matter how fast you go, it is coming in faster than it is going out.

For much of the time, we were working on files that had come in 30 days ago. Then we had it down to two weeks. Then in a matter of a day we were begging for someone to send something in. We were all caught up and out of files to work on. Yesterday we were working on a different pile, but it was apparent there wasn't enough work for us through the end of the month. They'll be letting us go in groups to cut down on staff.

Companies often wait until Friday to let someone go. Somehow easier that way. This one is going one step further. We are supposed to get a call this weekend to find out if we made the cut to come in on Monday. Enjoy your weekend, and you should probably clear your desk just in case.


Me said...

This too shall pass...

matt said...

Man, I am sorry to hear that. Sort of similar at my job too - 60-80 hour weeks for three months and now I look at the clock at 10am and wonder how I am going to fill the rest of the day.

Hang in there, my friend.

Holly Linden said...

OH wow. I have rally been out of the loop. So stressful. I hope you keep making the cut like you did on this one.

I think it's time for you guys to move to San Diego. Mmmm- hmmmmm.

Love you Buddy!