August 14, 2009

My kind of offer

Luxury Resort Offers $19 room - sans bed

By Associated Press SAN DIEGO (AP) - A luxury resort in San Diego is offering rooms for $19 a night - if you don't mind sleeping in a tent.

The Rancho Bernardo Inn boasts three pools, a spa and golf course. It typically charges more than $200 a room. But business is down. So from Aug. 16 to 31, guests can get a "Survivor Package" that charges them less for each amenity they give up.

For $19, guests give up breakfast, air conditioning, lights, sheets and even the bed. Staff will remove the mattress and headboard and leave a small tent instead.

Oh, and bring your own toilet paper.

General manager John Gates says the hotel hopes people who try the promotion will return at full price.

Here is the graduated list of the savings you get with each thing you give up.

Camping in luxury, in San Diego...I'm on my way.

KOMO news story
Link to resort


SeanH said...

That's funny -Marci is staying the night there right now! (It's actually a pretty nice place!)

SeanH said...
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SeanH said...

(Does anyone else keep having that 'Comment Posted Twice' problem?)

tami said...

I saw the perfect camper for you at the Taste of Edmonds. If you ever get the itch to move off of the ground look at the Silver Shadow (at least that's what I think it's called). Perfect!

tami said...

Holly Linden said...

Hey!! Are you REALLY on your way? I'd like to think so.