August 10, 2009

A few updates

On the job front, I didn't hear from anyone this weekend. I headed into work hoping that my key card would still work and I had a desk to return to. No alarms went off, so Monday started pretty well. There were four less of us than on Friday, and it sounds like they were the only ones that got a phone call. Apparently no news is good news.

On the computer front, I spent the weekend reinstalling programs. It took several tries to get my Outlook files to install correctly. I initially imported e-mails separately so as not to tie things up for hours. When I imported the calendar later, two different profiles showed up, and every entry on the calendar was doubled. Several tries later (with a little bit of swearing) I finally had it working. I had to dig into the registry which is above my pay grade. It was a similar fight with the program that had all my workout information.

Tonight it was great to have everything running again. While I was checking e-mail, Windows update loaded a service pack for Office. After restarting, the computer is stuck once again. It boots up but all I get is wallpaper and a pointer. Nothing else.

I tried using system restore - no dice. Then I tried the repair tool from the Windows installation disc. I walked away while it was running, and when I came back it was reinstalling Windows. It is probably wiping out everything my brother and I did over the weekend.

And now after doing the reinstall, it is stuck again on a "please wait" screen. Is there a cash for clunkers program for computers?

And it is raining for the first time in 26 days. It is actually a refreshing change in this unusual summer. With this long of a break, it was wonderful to smell the air cleansed by rain again.


Kevin said...

Dude ... what happened?

Give me a call tomorrow.

matt said...

RAINING? AFTER 26 DAYS? Good lord, you guys must be dry as a . . . well . . . . almost dry as US! ;-)