August 23, 2009

Achieving goals and surviving the weekend

Another semi-productive weekend. On Saturday I went through the shed and did some organizing and thinning of the piles of stuff we have stashed there. You can see the floor again and things are grouped in general sections. I plan to revisit each room of the house a few times to further cut back on what we keep. A clean work area and a fresh pair of eyes will help. Need to be more brutal on the toss/keep decision.

It was yard waste week, so tuned into Prairie Home Companion this morning and I trimmed a few trees and pulled lots of weeds. Another 120 gallons of yard waste is off the property. It sounds like a lot, but week by week it is hard to pick out the changes. Check back in a couple of months so you can be duly impressed.

I made the cut again on work "Survivor". They cut 5 people in the first and second rounds, and two more on Friday. We weren't supposed to know who was getting cut until the weekend, but someone was kind enough to let the secret out. We are down to just six of us, and assuming there are no more cuts, we will be working for another 6 days. Plenty of other folks in the building are being let go that same day, so it is a weird atmosphere. The two in our group weren't too broken up to be let go a week early.

And this weekend, I achieved a task few thought possible. Naysayers scoffed, saying "that boy doesn't know what he is up against. It is simply too much for one man to take on." But I believed and persevered. It would be months before I would see the finish line, but I kept my goal in sight and didn't back down.

Yes, that's right, I finished the six pound bag of Costco pretzels single-handedly, and before they went stale. And at $5.25, I went ahead and signed up for another round.


matt said...

You da man!

Hang in there on the job thing - it looks like my industry is about to go through another round of layoffs - uggh.

tami said...

When you get the pretzel craving again I have been working and working on the bag that I bought for the 4th of July party. It just won't go have an open invite to come over and help out, or just take them and enjoy. :-)

Holly Linden said...

"When it rains it pours..." - at least there's pretzels.

Breathe my Friend , breathe deep.