November 7, 2008

The season comes earlier every year

I headed to Sears yesterday to pick up a shop vac. I did a little chimney sweeping a couple days ago and needed to clean out the ash and debris from the shelf behind the flue. Walking through the tool section always feels a little like a kid in a toy store. To complete the metaphor, Christmas carols were playing over loudspeakers.

The first week of November is just too early for Christmas carols. Don't steal Thanksgiving's thunder. It is too good of a holiday.


jennifer said...

We saw a Christmas tree yard open today - real cut trees - any idea how dry/fire hazard those things will be on Dec 25th! Ha!

But we do the same rule here... until you put your fork down (after Thanksgiving pie), it's not Christmas season yet!

Holly said...

Yeah! Poor Thanksgiving gets kicked to the curb. It would make Christmas so much better too, to wait until December, or at least until the fork is down. I saw merry decor BEFORE Halloween this year. Way to live in the moment.