November 2, 2008

Don't like the weather - wait 5 minutes

This is the end of the fourth week of regular running for me. I had taken most of August and September off, except for the half marathon in Bellingham. It is always a little difficult to get back in the rhythm of training, but it is getting back to being a habit.

I have settled on running three days a week, and it seems to work for me. I generally try to sneak in some swimming and biking in there as well. I haven't been to the pool in months, but I tried my first "spinning" class at the gym last week. This is basically an hour on a stationary bike with a leader calling out intensities, when to pedal standing up, when to recover - all with music blasting. It was a butt-kicking hour. I will try to do more of this over the winter so I am not playing catch up when the Chilly Hilly rolls around in February.

So anyway, I was out on a run this afternoon. When I took off, it was sunny, in the low 50s with a little breeze - beautiful Fall day. About halfway into my 7 mile run, the sky opened up and it started pouring. The wind kicked up as well, sending leaves flying and pushing the rain sideways. I was soaked within minutes. I'm sure the people in the cars passing by were thinking "what a moron".

Then 2 miles later, the clouds parted and it was sunny once again. Seattle - weather for those with a short attention span.

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Holly said...

I'm just A.D.D. enough. AAaaahhh Seattle.