May 7, 2011

I could use a jolt

Be careful who you ask for ways you can improve yourself.

A number of years back, some friends and I were sitting around a campfire. We were exchanging stories and jabs at each other when a friend asked in mock exasperation, "what is wrong with you Sean?" I responded by saying, "do you want them in chronological order, or alphabetically?"

She then spent the evening listing my faults alphabetically. I don't remember them at this point, but I am pretty sure that the letter 'A' did not start it off well.

As you know, I have been doing the one resolution-a-month thing this year. Last month was no fast food. It went just fine, and I celebrated the victory with an awesome burger at Five Guys on May 2nd. I had left May's goal open for a while, not knowing what to do or give up.

Then one evening as I walked into Starbucks for a cup of decaf, Kristy turned to me and said, "you should give this up next month." Thinking she meant Starbucks, I agreed that I should cut it out for a month, save some money. When she clarified that she meant giving up crap.

So I am on day 6 without coffee. I am not going completely caffeine free, but coffee is my main delivery system. Though I  typically only drink a couple cups a day, I have had a few headaches likely from withdrawal, which is probably a sign that it affects me more than I know. I have said in the past that I couldn't imagine giving it up, so that in itself another reason for a system check.

It has been a little tough, but not brutal. Thursday morning was a little worse after a night of insomnia, but I managed to give myself a couple of electric shocks at work that day, and it perked me right up.

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