March 5, 2011


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Woke up out of breath again. I don’t get enough out of sleep, and sometimes wake gasping like I’m surfacing after being underwater too long.

I find my early-rising roomie has been busy for hours, tearing apart rooms to clean. My dog is a morning pup as well, and I wake up to the sound of her nails tap-dancing on the hardwood floors in anticipation of breakfast. I am not a morning person. I am still half asleep, surrounded by activity. I need coffee. And a shave. And a haircut.

I’ve been down in San Diego for about a year now. After 40-odd years in the rainy northwest, I now wake to sunny winter mornings and good running weather year round. The move south was both to help a friend and for my own recovery. A period of rest after a couple of hard years. The sun has been a tonic, and I have found renewal that I don’t find in my daily sleep.

My mind is still scattered -- I had to go buy shaving gel before showering this morning -- but there is a base of clarity that I haven’t had in some time. I look less at the mistakes of the past, and more toward the promise of the future.

I had to leave behind the security of family and friends I have known most of my life, but I still think the move was the right thing to do. Sometimes just breaking a routine allows you to see the world in a whole new way. But I have tried to take advantage of this time away as much as possible. I have fostered and deepened newer relationships, and even wrote a novel, (available for sale nowhere).

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the sun with my close friend and coworker, and today we gather to toast his birthday. Even though we work together, it is in these times away from the routine of our lives that we delve deeper into the mystery of life. It is these moments of rest and reflection that frame the relative chaos of our lives, and give us the strength to grow.

If I could just get some sleep.


About the author: Sean Day lives in the best climate on earth, but still misses the rain sometimes. He tries to write his way out of corners a ViewsFromTwoWheels.

* And of course, that novel is now available for sale here. And here.

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