March 2, 2011

Resolution check in

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Carrying on with the resolution a month theme, February's was to work out every day. As mentioned earlier, I went 27 for 28 days, which is just fine. 

Part of the reason for choosing this resolution was in the hopes of developing a habit of working out, even without an event on the horizon to force the issue. To stay in shape for the sake of staying in shape. There was some success, but of course the resolution itself sort of forced the issue. And at times it became a tally of minutes and miles. 

What I did find was that without days off, the daily soreness slowly built upon itself. By the end of the month, there were small aches and pains each morning, and a couple of lingering muscle strains to deal with. When training for marathons, I have typically run only three days a week, fearing that if I did more, that I risked injury. 

In better months a threw in a bike and a swim, but almost never went out more than five days a week, and I think I will stick with the five day limit going forward. I do plan to add in some weight work to strengthen my core and protect my back. Apparently doing only cardio makes Sean a fragile man. Did lose another pound though. 

Next up for March - writing for an hour each day. I started on my second pass through of the novel yesterday morning. I plan to work on other projects as well, but I hope to have the second revision done by the end of the month. 

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