March 16, 2011

The Patriot Guard has arrived

In an 8-1 decision, the Supreme Court held that the Westboro Baptist "Church" is within its rights of free speech to spew anti-gay venom outside military funerals. I put quote marks around church because the congregation seems to be made up almost entirely of relatives of Fred Phelps.

I hesitate to give them any more notice than the media seeking idiots deserve, but a friend passed along a great video today. Of course we do not have to sit and listen to the hate-speech they shout, but if even a whisper reaches the ears of the grieving family in their moment of pain, it is more than enough. They are simply trying to bury their loved one, who gave his or her life in service of their country.

With the help of some veteran supporters, the grieving family doesn't have to tune the "protesters" out. They are blocked and drowned out by men and women who have served our country and know what that sacrifice means.

The video

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Holly Linden said...

I am simultaneously very angry and very proud. God bless those wonderful bikers!! THEY are the church I love.