February 26, 2011

Streak broken

Well, I didn't work out yesterday.

After work, I went to a local brewery with my good friend Sean. There have been some very good and very bad things going on in the past few weeks, and it was just great to hang out with a friend over a beer. We didn't solve any problems, but there was certainly something gained in the sharing.

I could blame the missed workout on strained back and glute muscles, but I could have done some upper body work (Lord knows I need it). I had the time - I arrived home at around 8:00 and I could have stopped off at the gym on the way home to keep the streak alive. I even had the will to do it. I just decided against it.

Going 28 for 28 would be satisfying on paper, but these resolutions are not about perfection of status reports. Too many people look at a backslide as a failure and they give up on the effort to change. One evening of ice cream does not doom your new way of eating. One skipped workout should not derail your effort to get in better shape.

One of the things we talked about last night was my previous inability to accept my own shortcomings and failures. I used to beat myself up over mistakes, somehow assuming I should be perfect rather than human. I still have moments of frustration over stupid mistakes, but it no longer spirals out of proportion.

We are all flawed human beings, and I have found that pretending otherwise is damaging. Bottling up or unleashing frustration only serves to distance us from each other. Being honest and sharing our flaws and concerns (maybe over a beer) not only fosters humility, but it lets us know we are not alone in the things we struggle with.

We can aim for perfection, but can't reasonably expect it. And 27 for 28 is no where near failure. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back out there and go for a run in the rain.

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SeanH said...

Ack, I feel responsible. Perhaps you should have bought that take-home growler of Scottish ale after all.