November 25, 2010

Move your feet before you eat

Sean, Marci and I ran the Oceanside Turkey Trot this morning. It was a perfect morning for a run, cold while you are standing still, but very comfortable once you get moving. The 5k route runs up and down Pacific Coast Highway, and with just over a half a mile to go, it turns down to the beach path, finishing just before the path heads under the Oceanside pier. It was a beautiful scene, and a wonderful way to start the holiday.

Sean and Marci have run in the Turkey Trot each year since it began five years ago, and now they are pushing a double stroller the entire distance. Though they had a five hour drive ahead of them to get to their Thanksgiving destination, they did not want to miss out on the traditional run, and I am glad they invited me along.

The three miles puts a very small dent in the calories we are all about to consume, but that isn't the real reason I ran.  One of many things I am thankful for is the opportunity to get out and run, past beautiful scenery, with great friends. The sport continues to give back, and I want to keep showing up at start lines for as long as I am able. I race both to challenge myself, and to celebrate others breaking through their own finishing tapes. We will move on to our own homes to celebrate the holiday, but we gathered together to start the day as a community, and that feels pretty great.

The weather and scenery doesn't feel like the Thanksgivings I have known (people were surfing for crying out loud), especially in contrast to the deep freeze going on back home. I regret that I don't get to spend this day with my family, but I am fortunate to be able to share it with friends. I got to start the day running with great friends, and I will be spending the evening with several more as my housemates have spent the last two days preparing a traditional feast.

Today, and everyday, I give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

The finish area

I managed to get new PR of 22:40

Sean and Marci's finish, with kids riding shotgun

It was a true family day with many children running.


SeanH said...

I am thankful for the whole thing.

tami said...

Wait! You got bling?

marci said...

Love it! What a great way to start our day and we are thankful that you joined us. Congrats on your PR!

Holly Linden said...

And great photos to boot! It was so nice spending the holiday with you. We are so thankful for you Unca Day.