October 12, 2010

Pace yourself, haiku edition

The rabbit learns soon
The joy of meeting strangers
Passing from behind

I am planning on running with a pacing group for the marathon. I ran with one at my last half marathon, and it worked out well, but I haven't tried it yet for the full marathon. My "if everything goes just right" goal falls between pacing groups, so I've been waffling. Do I go with the faster group in hopes of building up a time cushion, or do I play it safe in hopes of avoiding an implosion?

At this point I am planning on the slower group. If all goes well and I am feeling good, I will try to pick up the pace around mile 18. If I can't speed up and I can just stick with the pace group, I will still set a new PR. If things go sideways, at least I'll have some company along the way.

Start a little slow
Keep steady pace in middle
The clock will thank you

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