May 1, 2010

A dog's life

Dear diary,

The weekend started off great. One of my humans fed me around 5:00 before she left to go to some place called 'Costco'. She fed me that new low carb/diabetic food, but I still get pretty excited about it. Then at 7:00, one of my other humans fed me dinner again! I feel a little bad about faking hunger pangs, but not too bad. Second dinner was followed up by a shot, but I was so content with my full belly that I hardly fought it.

Then today I went to someplace called Dog Beach. I've heard about this place for the last few months, but as far as I could tell it was just a myth. Some place where dogs can run free, play with each other, and romp around in the surf. Too good to be true, just a nice story I thought.

But it is real! I am not the most patient car passenger, so I was pretty pleased that we found a parking spot right away. As soon I was set free from the truck, I could hear and smell dog happiness everywhere. My human was worried about me walking on the sand with my two bad knees, but it really wasn't too bad. I did prefer the compact sand by the water, though.

I was a little tentative to plunge in the water (its not like there was a ball to chase or anything), but the cool water felt really good on a hot day. My legs aren't so strong anymore, so some of the waves pushed me around a bit, so I stuck close to shore and to my human. I don't really have the energy to play with the other dogs anymore, so I had to bark at a few that came charging toward me. They respected this old lady and backed off.

The fun at the beach wore me out kind of quickly, so we were only there for about 20 minutes. But I loved it! I did have to take a bath when I got home 'cause I guess there is some big party tomorrow. My humans said I was smelling a little doggy, but what do you expect? Then they complain that the house smells like 'wet dog'. Humans, none of them make any sense.

Dog Beach was great, but it was hard to beat the two dinners on Friday. That, was, awesome!


tami said...

Great post! Great video! Great pooch!

Me said...


She's great!