October 6, 2009

Moving right along

Made it out for a little over three miles this evening. Feeling a little sore after the mileage ramp up last week, but nothing was tweaked. I ended up running carefully, if that makes sense. Treading lightly like I was anticipating a muscle pull or twist . So far so good.

Several homes in the neighborhood I was running through have already put up their Halloween decorations. So wrong, but I suppose it is just more holiday creep. When Home Depot starts selling Christmas in September, I guess folks feel Halloween needs to reassert itself. Easter decorations come out next week!

I've been working on the house to get it ready for sale. After the garage sale, I put some of the leftovers on Craigslist. I've been able to sell a few things, but there are a couple more things that need to go. Those things that aren't worth listing, I've been giving away to friends. I don't have the room to keep all the mementos and other things that we've accumulated over the years. The line of what to keep gets pushed back a little more each day. The pack rat needs to die.

I have most everything packed. Now I'm moving on to making small fixes, touching up paint, and then the dreaded cleanup. There is a big difference between normal clean, and sell your house (or get your damage deposit back) clean. Particularly when your tolerance for dirt, dog hair, etc. is a little higher than most.

I've been dog sitting for my parents, so I've been bouncing back and forth between their house and mine. I've left my pooch there as well. She would not only be underfoot (and shedding hair) as I tried to get the house ready, but also a little confused as to what all is going on. Our dog-friendly house probably needs a little airing out anyway.

Once I'm done, I'll have a particular neat freak I know do a walk-through and critique. After five years in the house, I know that there are things that I just don't see anymore. With this market, the house needs to look its best to fresh eyes.


tami said...

AHEM....a particular neat freak? Who might that be? Or did you mean peculiar neat freak?

Holly Linden said...

I knew it was freakin' Tami!

Sean said...

Recognized yourself, did you?