October 2, 2009

Clearing the cupboards

One disadvantage of reading the morning paper on the Kindle - no newspapers to wrap up the dishes when you're packing up the kitchen.

There were a couple days worth of newspapers at my parents, but that wasn't nearly enough to wrap up everything. So after I ran out, I drove over to the local transfer/dump/recycling station. Since the recycling bin at the house was filling up fast, I brought along some glass to recycle. I figured I'd grab some newspapers while I was there. Kind of a 'take a penny, leave a penny' situation.

Unfortunately, the newspaper bin was nearly empty, and the few pages that were there were rain soaked. As I walked back to my truck, an older gentleman popped open his trunk. It was full of newspapers. I said "jackpot" and told him what I needed the newspapers for. He was happy to oblige, and we ended up chatting for a couple of minutes. After years in the construction industry, it's not that unusual to have social hour at the dump.

The kitchen is mostly boxed up. There was at least one thing that was eight years old (bread mix), and there were four canisters of Morton salt. And I discovered that the range top converts into a rotisserie. This has definitely been a year of digging into things - finding both things rotting as well as surprises I wish I had known about.

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