October 28, 2009

Back in the jumpseat

So I got the job running packages over the holiday season.

I was called over the weekend by someone in the HR department offering me the job. I mentioned the day off I was hoping to take in December, and she made a note of it and didn't imply it would be a problem. Cool.

Then I received a call back yesterday from the guy who did the initial interview. He said the previous caller didn't understand their requirements. I needed to choose between taking the day off or getting the job. Naturally I chose the job. I should have about five weeks worth of work starting in mid-November, hopefully with as many full days as possible.

I'm crossing my fingers the weather will be better this year. The deep freeze and unusual amount of snow we received last year really made a mess of things, extending Christmas into the new year. Judging by the temps and amount of rainfall we've had recently, I think rain is more likely than snow this time around due to El Nino, the Pineapple Express, or some other thing.

Now get out there and shop so there is something for me to deliver!

1 comment:

matt said...

I am having a watch delivered Monday via Brown - doin what I can!