September 9, 2008

Lucky number seven

It was our wedding anniversary today. Seven years. When I think of our wedding day it seem so long ago, but still it is hard to believe it has been seven years.

It was a quiet celebration this year. We went out to dinner then headed back to the house for a quiet evening. We watched our wedding video for the first time in almost those seven years. A few people were skinnier back then, and there were toddlers running around that are now well into school years. I resisted having a videographer at the wedding, mostly because I hate those interviews that they always con the guests into doing. But seven years later I am glad to see the ceremony and the time leading up to it. It was a brilliant week.

We also watched the DVD I put together for our anniversary last year. What a time it has been for the wife and I. We are blessed with some wonderful friends and family, and we have had some great days both in exotic locales and also at random get together in someone's backyard.

I wonder what it will be like to watch these DVDs 40 years from now. My memory may need a little jogging by then, but I doubt I will have forgotten much about that special day.

"For My Wedding" by Don Henley

For my wedding, I will dress in black
And never again will I look back
Ah, my dark angels we must part
For I've made a sanctuary of my heart

To want what I have
To take what I'm given with grace
For this I pray
On my wedding day

For my wedding, I don't want violins
Or sentimental songs about thick and thin
I want a moment of silence and a moment of prayer
For the love we'll need to make it in the world out there

To want what I have
To take what I'm given with grace
For this I pray
On my wedding day
On my wedding day

I dream, and my dreams are all glory and light
That's what I've wanted for my life
And if it hasn't always been that way
Well, I can dream and I can pray
On my wedding day

So what makes us any different from all the others
Who have tried and failed before us
Maybe nothing, maybe nothing at all
But I pray we're the lucky ones; I pray we never fall

To want what we have
To take what we're given with grace
For these things I pray
On my wedding day
On my wedding day


SeanH said...

Happy Anniversary you guys, and many more.
We love you!

Anonymous said...


Holly said...

Great post! I hope you two had a wonderful quiet celebration. Sometimes those are the best kind. Oh, and I really love being one of the ones who was skinnier back then. Happy Days!!

Holly said...

LOVE that photo, and yes, it WAS a brilliant week.