August 26, 2008

A few updates

I know you've been on edge of your seat (you haven't), so I thought I'd update you on some earlier entries.
  • Stamps are $.42. I should have know this since 42 is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.
  • Our street has a lovely new coating of asphalt. As anticipated, it makes my driveway look pretty dumpy. They were delayed a couple of weeks, but now the neighborhood is gloriously smooth on the bike. Now that the fight with Kenmore is (mostly) over, hopefully the Burke-Gilman trail will get its own fresh coat. Of course it is the rim-bending tree roots breaking through that really get you.
  • The new desktop is running smoothly. The addition of memory has made all the difference. Vista hasn't been painful at all, except for the frequent "are you sure" queries. I have nearly completed the video for the Ragnar Relay contest and it should be live in the next couple of days. Even with a very heavy editing hand, it still clocks in at over 8 1/2 minutes. Too much good stuff.
  • My treadmill stress test results came back. Looks like everything checked out OK. The nurse called to report there were no signs of ischemia. I had to look it up. I asked her if there was a report produced that would make sense to a layman. The answer was no. I was kind of hoping to see some charts and graphs - kind of my health on a spreadsheet.
  • And finally, I am going through a little Olympic withdrawal. The men's marathon was the last event I saw. It was an impressive performance considering the heat and humidity conditions. The Americans finished in about the time they had planned, but it was only good for 9th and 10th. The winner broke the Olympic record by about 3 minutes.

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