January 6, 2012

Share the Road quick update

Share the Road is now available as an Ebook for the Barnes & Noble Nook. Just like the Kindle version, it is $2.99 and can be purchased through the link in the right sidebar. Or you can just search for Share the Road on the Barnes & Noble site. Or I could just point you there.

Also, I have started a new website at SeanDay.net. It is primarily a website and blog about my writing at this point, but it may expand in the future. I of course will continue to share major news and progress here, but I will reserve most of my "writing about writing" to that site.

So if you are interested in how the book was written, edited, and published, and/or you want to keep up on my progress on the next one, head on over. If not, it is safely tucked away in a different corner of the internet.

1 comment:

tami said...

I am so excited! I just ordered it...the real thing, not one of those silly e-books. :-) Congrats!