April 6, 2011

Small costs of nice weather

Spring has sprung in a big way. Last week we actually shot past spring and had a couple of days of summer, topping out at 90 degrees at the house. Along with the annual return of beauty in wildflowers and sun dresses, warmer weather means allergies and spring cleaning.

I have been allergic to most things that grow or walk on four legs. When things go into bloom each spring, I am attacked on all sides. The list of things that set me off has become a little smaller over the years (cats don't bother me nearly as much), but I can usually count on a couple of months of uncontrollable sneezing every year.

With only two days of warm weather, my allergies are already in bloom. I try to avoid using drugs, and have been using a Neti pot to wash away the irritants for the past couple of years, but sometimes I have to call in the big guns. Fortunately, the one drug that actually works for me is now over the counter.

I'll admit that I raised my arms in victory like a total nerd when I saw the first ad on tv.

The pooch is also suffering from allergies - she has developed an allergic reaction to fleas. She has never had issues before, but fleas are a much bigger problem down here with no cold winters to kill them off in big numbers. When they start attacking, she loses hair in big clumps and her coat takes on a odd dimpled look like she is a walking golf ball.

Another odd weather related difference down here is all the street cleaning. Some cities and neighborhoods sweep the streets every week, something that never happened in Seattle. I guess it is because there is so little rain to wash them naturally, but it seems an odd thing to spend money on. Maybe clean streets are one of those background things that keep people happy.

But all this cleanliness ended up costing me $50 last week. I parked overnight in the wrong spot and woke to a ticket. Of course the sign telling be about the street cleaning was down at the end of the block, but I am pretty sure they have heard that excuse before.

This morning it is raining, which throws a wrench in our work plans (hard to stain wood when it is raining). But the rain will bring more spring flowers, if not more sun dresses.

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Holly Linden said...

Hooray for flowers & sun dresses!